Our Ethos

When setting out to make your first drink, you expect it to be disgusting, horrid and that no one will like it. This was the inspiration for the name. But very surprisingly, during this incredible journey of discovery, faith in humanity has returned. The incredible people at Pigs Bay have made our first gin one of the best you will ever taste (in my opinion). We are keeping the name though, it shows that if you filter out the scum, things just get better!

History of Gin

In the mid-eighteenth century the effects of gin-drinking on English society makes the use of drugs today seem almost benign. Gin started out as a medicine – it was thought it could be a cure for gout and indigestion, but most attractive of all, it was cheap.

Gin had become the poor man’s drink, the government of the day became alarmed when it was found that the average Londoner drank 14 gallons of spirit each year!


Gin joints allowed women to drink alongside men for the first time and it is thought this led to many women neglecting their children and turning to prostitution, hence gin becoming known as ‘Mother’s ruin’.

Gin is made differently now and it is taxed so much you will find it hard to get “Drunk for a penny, Dead for two pence, straw for nothing.” as was seen on posters all over London.

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Distilled in Shoeburyness The Dirty Outlaw is available from many outlets around the area. Contact us for locations if you would like to try it out.